Welcome to Greenstar Automation.

Our business is there to help your business succeed.  In today's fast changing and more energy conscious world, it's good to know that there are people out there that care about what happens to you, your building and your energy bill.
As a Siemens Authorised Solution Partner, we have the product and the experience to get your building as many Green Stars as possible.
A buildings energy usage is much like a cars fuel usage. Tuned and maintained correctly a car can give excellent mileage on a tank of fuel. But faulty sensors or badly written engine management programs can completely ruin a cars ability to run efficiently. For sure it will still get you from A to B, but at a much higher cost.
In the same way a buildings control system governs how much energy is being used. If the sensors are faulty, or the software is not written properly then the building can cost you a lot more to run than it needs to in order to achieve the same outcome. Like the car it's still maintaining the conditions that you want, but it's using a lot of fuel to do it.
Our Mission at Greenstar Automation is to identify and implement concrete strategies to Reduce you Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions by using the controls already installed, or by installing new controls into your building, making the world of commercial property greener, cheaper to run and more environmentally aware. We want to do this for every building we do, old or new.
A Siemens Solution Partner